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Local specialities

Our gourmet breakfast

A perfect start to the day begins with our gourmet breakfast to suit your taste.
At the breakfast buffet, we serve you a fresh and regional selection of delicacies. Freshly brewed coffee from the Dinzler roasting house, crusty rolls from the Neumeier bakery and delicious homemade spreads. We obtain our eggs from happy, free-range hens from Evi Hofhammer from Teisendorf. All our dairy products are supplied by the local dairy in Piding. We obtain our excellent cheese from the Bergader private cheese dairy in Waging and our cold cuts come from the Drexler butcher’s shop in Reichenhall.
We are very proud of the origin of our food. Regional delicacies, short distances, personal contact with suppliers and high-quality products guarantee the best quality at the breakfast buffet.
The avoidance of plastic is also a major issue. We try to avoid waste and use recyclable materials.
In winter it is particularly cosy to have breakfast in the Kaminstube by the blazing open fire and enjoy the view of the snow-covered Lattengebirge mountains.