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Permanent exhibition and loans

Works by local and nationally renowned artists guarantee inspiration of a special kind, where bronze sculptures, paintings and photographic art are exhibited alongside various works of art. The artists’ works are presented on Instagram and Facebook under the hashtag #kunstindervillarein.

Current exhibitions:
From September 2023 until today:
Paul Seifert – Against the grain
Paul Seifert, born in Saaldorf-Surheim in 1959, is one of the most prominent draughtsmen and caricaturists in our region. Since the beginning of September, several drawings and etchings on the theme of ‘With a hat’ have been on display in our boutique hotel.

From October 2021 until today:
Bronze sculptures ‘Cast in lost form’ by Helmut Erben. The artist from Reichenhall exhibits his works at Villa Rein. The beautiful and witty bronze sculptures are exhibited in the window niches in the basement so that they can also be seen as you stroll past.

From June 2022 to December 2022:
Jakob Lang is a German abstract painter. Born in 1985 – he lives and works in Berchtesgadener Land. His non-objective work in palette knife and mixed media. Nature is his number one teacher and he combines various aspects of life in his paintings: light, nature, colours, patterns, temperature, feelings, people, etc. ‘The goal in art is to create a mirror of life that makes life visible, even tangible and alive – calming, uplifting and invigorating.’

Permanent exhibition Architect Johannes Berschneider (BDA) from Pilsach in the Upper Palatinate.
2018 Bavarian Architecture Prize for his commitment to a wide range of activities and campaigns to promote architecture and building culture for around 20 years. The renovation of Villa Rein by the architectural firm Berschneider+Berschneider, the architect’s artistic signature could not be missed in Villa Rein. A book recapitulating the works from 1994 to the present day was published on the occasion of the ‘drüber und drunter’ exhibition. A foreword by Hamburg art critic Till Briegleb introduces the reader to Berschneider’s artistic career. The 100-page art book illustrates the majority of the works and also provides information on the charity campaigns with which Johannes Berschneider has put his painting at the service of a good cause.

Permanent exhibition Isabelle Althaus (Switzerland)
Winner of the Prix Wartenfels 2017 for art. Since 2020, her works (mixed media on canvas) have adorned the hotel corridors at Villa Rein. The paintings have a special effect in the corridors